Our Values

Curiosity | Courage | Creativity | Collaboration | Trust

The vision of GK Hotel School is to be an industry leader in providing world-class education and training that encompasses the vast number of hospitality, tourism and business avenues. We work tirelessly to promote a unique and unforgettable experience for each of our students, and empower them to find their perfect role.

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Our Philosophy

Until we are free to think for ourselves, our dreams are not free to unfold.”

– Nancy Kline

In an era where doing what everyone does and thinking what everyone thinks is rewarded, the ability to think for yourself is a radical act.

Independent thinking requires that you believe your voice deserves to be heard and that you have a unique gift to offer to the world.

Many training institutions offer great learning content, but what sets GKHS apart is our holistic approach to learning. We believe that no matter how excellent your trade skills are, your ability to rise to your highest potential will not be fully unlocked unless you develop life skills with the same level of excellence. Our aim is to equip our students with the life skills that can unleash their independent thinking, so their dreams may unfold.

In all operations, we work to cultivate and grow 21st Century Skills in an ever-changing job market.

Our Mission

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To create young leaders that turn workplaces into thinking environments for the delivery of unique dishes and service, served with a side of innovative ideas.

To deliver a new generation of trade students who take responsibility for the quality of their thinking and their relationships.

To create leaders who practice courage over comfort and who do not yield to fear and perfect ion that inhibits learning and growth.

To give students a learning experience at a unique destination that will ignite their curiosity, consciousness, creativity and confidence.

To encourage collaboration through teamwork and participation.

Our Team



GKHS Superpower

Serving Heart 



GKHS Superpower

Strick but fair. 





Creativity and my music playlists at events ;)

Alanka Craffert

Director: Marketing, Strategy & New Business Development

GKHS Superpower

Creativity, Connection and my music playlists at events ;)

Rina Roberts

Campus Administrator

GKHS Superpower

Serving Heart

Yolandi Pretorius

Campus General Manager

GKHS Superpower

Strick but fair.

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